Monday, March 9, 2009

Step 3 ... finish reading section 1 of the guide book

In chapter 3 we are given a list of things to have on hand when writing.  Different foods and beverages as well as writing tools.  Also have handy things such as reference books.  I think I will choose "The Elements of Style" by William Strunk Jr. 

His advice about music made me want to give someone a high-five.  I am a soundtrack person, totally.  Sometimes silence is a very potent sound but a good choice of music is like a vitamin.
Author Amy Tan has also commented about having a nice classical CD or movie soundtrack playing in the background when she writes.  My past experience in the music business gives me a wide variety to choose from.  So I am all set to go in this department.

Chapter 4, among other things is about the need to write out your "Magna Cartas".
One should be a list of what you think a novel should contain, and the other list is it's "evil twin" - what makes a novel worth flinging across the room.

Once I have made these two lists, I will be more or less ready to start my crusade.  However, I am still in the middle of my Time Finding Week. Tomorrow is also the start of the biggest week I've had in at least 6 months... I think I will try to get through this Time Finding Week first.... please bear with me.Dancing Bear Pictures, Images and Photos


Emily Cross said...

Magna cartas - that sounds like a really interesting topic - what you like/dislike (might start a thread on it). Music is so useful, its amazing - i totally agree with that.

What sort of foods does he recommend? Lol

The elements of style is AMAZING book, stephen king highly recommends it too ;)

I_am_Tulsa said...

Thank you for stopping by! The author recommends things that won't get your computer sticky! Carrot sticks etc...and he seems to love coffee!
I agree with the Elements being amazing, I've also enjoyed Stephen King's book On Writing! Those will probably be good books for me to put right next to my work space. I hope I can find them!

My bookshelves are a total mess. I can't find anything since we moved things around in our apartment. It is driving me crazy!

I'm still sort of gawking at my Magna Carta right now...will try to post it as soon as it is finished!