Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3 of writing

Although I can't go into the details I will try to post on my progress as the adventure unfolds.

My main character (MC) did not like the little village I put her in.  It was too dusty and "old".
I don't even know why I wrote "village", it just popped out but since we are not supposed to edit, I kept going.  She raised her eyebrows, shook her head sideways, took my hand and gave me a tour of her "town".  My MC now lives in a town.
A small town, but a town nonetheless.

She finds something on the outskirts of the town looked just like a building I had found about a month ago on my excursion in Kitano, Kobe...this is what it looks like:
This is what I saw when I peeked through a wooden gate...
and this is what my MC  had seen as well.  I had no idea she was already traveling with me.

Yesterday was a doozy so I didn't get to write, which is a bad BAD thing to should NOT break the flow.  However, what is done is done.  So today the journey must tread forward for about 2,500 words.

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