Thursday, March 12, 2009

my "Magna Carta"

I will not list my whole Magna Carta but here are a few things that will be on my to-do list:

1) quirky characters  (Chris Baty has the same thing on his list)
2) miracles
3) an unassuming hero
4) cultural diversity or issues pertaining to it
5) sounds

Now, I know he also advises us to write "everything that bores or puts you down" when reading. (the evil sibling Magna Carta.)
It seems that this idea comes from his experience that the worst of out literature nightmares have a way of creeping into our writing.  This "never do list" would be useful for a reality check.  

However, I have a belief in words that advises me not to write the worst... so I am now tearing up the list that I wrote....there

If I leave a list like that around, it will effect me more than my "to do list".  

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