Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 9 of writing and the book before the book

Instead of editing, I am taking some NaNoWriMo advice and charging'll keep my word count up ;-)   According to "No Plot, No Problem" the second week is often a time when people get tired of their characters.  They start to "cheat" and want to start from scrap.  I fortunately do not feel that way but it is nice to be prepared...

To give me something to focus on, I decided to compile notes, pictures and sketches that will "remind" me of the book that I am writing...Since I can not write about what the book is about yet, here is a page out of my notebook:
My characters will have their own profile pages too.  
I can carry this notebook around and write memos if anything "comes to me" while I'm out and about.  I love pasting things to my journal so the process is something I like to do. 
Kind of like a scrapbook!

word count: 7,523

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