Friday, March 6, 2009

step 1 ... buy the guide book

OK, here goes nothing.  

I have been a story teller all my life.  
From the first day of kindergarten I would come home to tell my mom "what happened at school today".  I would come up with some of the most outrageous stuff...I'm surprised my mom didn't slap me silly.  Well, she kind of did, but not for telling stories.  

I have written at least 4 chapters of 4 different books.  Never getting to the end.  The characters always seem to get fed up with me or I get bored...with my own stories!  I keep writing random stuff down in my countless number of notebooks, they are all so pretty...I even have some stuff saved somewhere on this computer.

It might be that I "know" they will not get published.  Not giving myself a deadline could be the problem too.  Either that or I am just not cut out for it....or maybe a new notebook.....?

Today, I went to my friendly neighborhood bookstore and the owner "made me" buy this:
It was published in 2004, so most people probably already know about it and the author Chris Baty, the founder of National Novel Writing Month.  I have been living under a rock for several years, so please do not scream at me.


Wow.... I just spent 10 minutes staring at the front page of the NaNo website.  They have been around for 10 years.  They have winners and stuff.  Well, I am not out to win an award...just yet.
My goal is to finish the darn thing(s).

Let's see, there are two sections, 9 chapters in all plus an Introduction.

Well, guess I should start...reading the book!  After I cook dinner and stuff.  
You know how things are.

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