Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 5 & 6 of writing, or not writing...

Like I posted on my regular blog, my new job requires a healthy mind and soul, both of which I am not so confident about any more...  The first day at the new office was actually a vampire disguised as an office... sucking the energy out of me slowly as the day went by.  


So that's my excuse for not writing anything yesterday or today.  I was tempted to read the chapter for the "second week in writing" of "No Plot, No Problem", but since it is technically not the second week, I have postponed it.

However, I did read this very interesting blog by literary agent Nathan Bransford about characters. It was like the universe answered my question about the woman who popped up on my radar during Day 4.   To quote myself, I ask "But this new character...what does she want?"  

It turns out that was precisely the question I was supposed to ask.  If she doesn't answer me, she will go into my "embryo" file.  I have a suspicion that she will answer me.  Like she is ready to burst out "Alien" style.  I feel it in the area where my lungs are.  (Have you ever had that feeling before?)  

So what happens to the original main character?  The little girl who wanted to live in the town with cobblestone streets and a house wrapped in vines?  Let's wait and see...

"Who are you?" said the Caterpillar.

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