Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 19 of writing

OK...I have been writing.  I just haven't posted about it.  Why?
I keep starting over! (Not editing.)

I have 5 stories going now...  I have had a tremendously inspiring week.  

for example:
new job = new people = new characters
Sakamoto Ryuichi's concert (I write about the experience here.)

So, now I have my original "The Strangest Story Ever" (8,023 words) along with (these are all file titles not real titles, I hope...)
+"That Girl that ended up in my embryo file" (8,054), 
+"The Romance of Curlicues and Dials" (roughly 3,000 this is still in notebook form so I'm not     sure), 
+"The Apple Book"(256 words...I think this is going to become a compilation of short stories)
+"Homage to If on a Winter's Night a Traveler" (still in notebook form so not sure about this         either but it looks around 1,000)

Total word count around 12,310.  It's supposed to b e 25,005.  Ooooops.

I can't stop thinking of more new things to write about... The more I write, the more daydreaming, the more I see things in everyday life that seem interesting to write about etc...

I should have given my blog a different address. 

I will think about priorities later, this is a time for me to let it all out.  I will keep writing whatever strikes my fancy for the remaining 11 days.  If I let my "inner editor" into the gate now it will probably drive me so crazy that I will dump all the files in the garbage can and THAT WILL NOT DO.
So, although I am failing terribly with NaNoWriMo, I think it is good that I am writing again.

Like I said before, starting a new job and a new novel around the same time is NOT a good idea.

AND I agree that if your trying to write a novel in 30 days, it IS a good idea to start on the first instead of in the middle of the month forget where you are...very easily...

I will continue to write about my progress on all the above titles and whatever else pops out of my head.  Then, I will edit and start another attempt at a novel in 30 days, this time starting on the first of the month.

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