Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what happens when you get sick?

What happens when you get sick?  I have no idea, but I am starting over.

I was totally out of it from April 3rd up to yesterday.  A high temperature had me bedridden.  I couldn't open my computer and turn it on, I could hardly walk near my desk!

I got delusional.. because of the fever...

I had nightmares.

Strange dreams.

And then I had the ULTIMATE strange dream.

Why do I say ULTIMATE ?  Because, it is now my new book.  The story came in three dreams over 3 days.  Stephenie Meyer mentioned that she had a became TWILIGHT.

My dream didn't have any vampires...I think. 

But this is going to be "my Twilight".  


Maybe I still have a fever...but I am really excited about this story because it includes a little bit of everything that I've ever wanted to write about.  For research and inspiration I have lined up the following books I have at home to read, or reread:
the Japanese ones in the middle are :
Akutagawa Ryunosuke's book of short stories
an introduction to the gods of Japan
and an introduction to Celtic history and myth

The one book missing from the picture is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...the book seems to have taken a trip along with my copy of Peter Pan...another book that could be in this picture too.  Where do books walk off to?

I am SO excited.

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