Monday, April 27, 2009

This could be a miracle but I am still writing!

I have been writing like a "mad woman"...  most of it in notebooks since I have been working a lot and for some reason most of my ideas have been popping into my head during work or during my one hour train commute.  It might have something to do with me not enjoying my 9 to 5  job ...I'm not sure.

I wanted to sit down and type today but yesterday I received a lovely birthday present and it inspired me to do something else creative.

You can find out what I did at my other blog.

As for my "book"... the MC (female) who is on a journey through a very wretched land (?) ... has come to a point in the story where she needs to go out on a limb and try to "rescue" somebody... she is one of the world's biggest procrastinators, or so she thinks... so I  am not sure how she intends to do this...

This writing "process" has been very unique for me.  It is as if I have almost no say in the story.
It is more like I am watching a film in my head and I am busy dictating it onto paper.  I know EXACTLY what everyone looks like and all the details of the MC's apartment etc... OMG the wallpaper...!

I'm a tad bit worried about dialect though!  Since their is this "odd" English "dude" who looks a lot like the current Dr Who.
I have no idea who I am going to ask to read this story first just to make sure my "English dude" doesn't sound like "a lame 38 year old American woman who has been living in Japan for over 20 years" .... any ideas?

Oh, and the "villain" of the story... "he" is turning out to be quite sneaky...Kevin Spacey/ Bobby Darin sneaky...(not the Usual Suspects sneaky).

Wish me luck!


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